Empyrion Rules


1. If you are unsure about something, ask an Admin first! When in doubt, remember Admins make the rules and should not be argued with. Arguing with an admin can and may lead to loss of structures, forced restart, or banning.

2. Don’t be a jerk. -Don’t build too close to other people. -Don’t loot backpacks not your own. -Don’t loot enemies you did not kill. -Don’t steal from or grief your faction mates. -Do not touch admin gift/loan vehicles with GNV or SDG in their names, you’ll know if it was given to you. -Do not create bases within turret range of warp-in points in PVP areas.

3. No slurs of any kind, whether they be racial, gender, sexuality, etc. It will NOT be tolerated. This includes potentially offensive player names, at the community’s discretion, and ASCII genitalia names. This includes player names, structure names, faction names, etc.

4. Name all free and giving away things to “Free Ship” “Free Base” “Free HV” etc, to make it VERY CLEAR it is open to claim. Do not claim any public ships or player structures that do not have “FREE” in them unless they are explicitly an admin gift/loan to you. They will have SDG or GNV in the name somewhere if they are from admins.

5. Do not base within turret range of the Admin Trading Stations or its satellite buildings. Any bases found within the radius destroying the NPC structures or griefing other players will be removed without warning.

6. Do not mine underneath autominers. If you absolutely HAVE TO, leave 20% or more of the deposit. No exceptions. Resources are stupidly plentiful, there is absolutely no reason to target someone’s autominer. Yes, you may completely deplete a deposit if there is not an autominer on it.

7. Autominers DO NOT DEPLETE resources currently. We encourage you to make excellent use of them for infinite resources.

8. Harassment is not permitted. All issues of harassment need to go directly to an Admin or to Error Reports, depending on if you’d like your report public or not. Do not forget to @Server Admin. Feel free to include screenshots to us. Admins will show as moderators in Discord and are: Micah, Seripis and TheQueenKB. You can message other admins as well, if there is an emergency or pressing issue.

9. PVP is going to happen, many of our playfields are set PVP. Please be aware and be prepared. We encourage players to get to know their neighbors and band together for safety.

10. Use of hacks, exploits and/or glitches are not permitted.

11. Please remember this is a game. If a mediator is needed when tempers run hot and PVP simply does not suffice, PAGE AN ADMIN in discord with @Server Admin. Do not fight in Empyrion or in Discord chat.

12. When activating certain quests that will spawn in drones or creatures, DO NOT activate them around other players bases. Using these quests to grief other players structures will result in a ban with or without warning. Please refer to Rule #2.

13. With new factions in place for NPC’s if a member of your faction causes you to be negative or positive with these factions, it is that persons responsibility. Admins can not change reputation points. Please be careful of who you are accepting into your faction.

14. Quests are all coded into the game. Admins are not responsible for any losses that these quests/missions