SDG Server/Discord Rules

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1. If in doubt, ask an admin. Admins make and enforce rules for the good of the server. Do not argue with the admins. If you have an issue, we are still approachable, just submit it in #🛠-submit-ticket-🛠 rather than starting an argument.

2. Be kind, everywhere be kind. There is no reason to be mean, spiteful, angry, or sending hateful or inappropriate messages in text or voice. No slurs, sexting, hate, racism, bigotry, or any kind of words used to discriminate by race, nationality, gender, sexuality, employment, lifestyle, or otherwise is tolerated.

3. No griefing, player abuse, or trolling chat rooms.

4. No use of names, in-game names, discord names that break any rules above, contain profanity, racial slurs, political agendas, attack any minorities, or that contain any verbiage that can be misconstrued as hateful, bias, or sexual.

5. We are here to escape the rigors of our daily lives. Please keep this a place of fun and peace. When tempers flare, take a break, don’t escalate. We dislike issuing temporary bans to help players cool off, just take a step back, breathe, it’s just a game.

6. Be helpful, we have a mix of both seasoned and fresh players. Remember back to being a new player? It was hard, even if you can’t help them, at least be nice.

7. Although our servers are open to the public/everyone, we are not a “public server”. We reserve the right to ban or refuse access as we see fit based on our rules and admin discretion. Again, if you have an issue with this, submit in #🛠-submit-ticket-🛠 .

We admins are here to keep this a great community for everyone, and when we all work together, we all get to have fun and escape our daily lives for a moment.